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Watch video to see how the Tree Service Market Report can help you (6 minutes).


The Tree Report overview page is the dashboard of the report. It is here you will find all the other buttons and links.


In the ads area you will see the actual ads used by the top tree service competitors in the 10 largest cities of the United States. Because these ads are rendered from Google search results they look different, but the data is all there.

You’ll see their ad copy, their keywords, their ads position and how often their ads appeared in the search results.

Use the top performing ads for inspiration as you compose your own ads.

Search Competition

Here you’ll see the name of the top competing tree service companies, how often their ads are seen, the number of unique ads they are showing, how often they use ad extensions and phone extensions, and the average position of their ads.

You’ll also see that many of the top competitors in the tree service market are brokers such as Angi’s List, Home Advisor and Thumbtack. These firms capture a lead through Google and resell it to multiple tree service providers at the same time.

Keywords & Search Terms

Here you’ll see the actuall keywords the top competitors in the tree service industry are using in their Google ads. You’ll also see related search terms.


Here you’ll see which advertiser has a Map listing. Map listings are the Google Business Profiles that usually appear in Google search results under the paid ads and before the organic results.

Local Service Ads

Here you’ll see which advertiser is also advertising with Google’s Local Service Ads (aka Google Guaranteed Ads).

Not all areas offer LSAs and not all advertisers use them or qualify for them. When they appear in Google search results they are at the top of the page above the paid ads.


The schedule shows the times when ads appeared. In this tree report, our software captures data every 6 hours. So, in the schedule, you’ll see the number of ads that were appearing at those times.

Each Fine Life Marketing client gets a live, dynamic and in-depth market report tailored specifically to their industry and service area. This report is continually updated to show near real time market conditions.

The schedule report allows us to find “holes” in the market where we can outmaneuver the competition.


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