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Are Competition and Limited Cash Flow Killing Your Business?

We believe you deserve the respect, lifestyle, and peace of mind of a successful business owner.

We understand how crazy-making it can be to run a business when the phone isn’t ringing.

That’s why we developed HomeServices PPC AdVantage, a powerful PPC advertising system that leverages Google Search Ads, AI and advanced market intelligence. Designed specifically for home service businesses, HomeServices PPC AdVantage can get you more customers, greater revenue, and improved ROI.

Because HomeServices PPC AdVantage is only deployed for one business type per market area, we can give you a tremendous advantage over your competition.

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Ready to See Your Business Thrive?

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More Customers

We pinpoint prospects who urgently need your services and deliver them directly to you with precision.

Greater Revenue from Google Ads

More Revenue

More customers generate more revenue, revenue you need to grow your business.

Greater ROI with Google Ads

Greater ROI

Professionally managed Google Ads generates a greater ROI so you get more marketing bang for your buck.

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Step 2: Plan of Attack

We’ll customize a marketing plan and deploy our proprietary system, HomeServices PPC AdVanatage, in your market area to scale your customer base and boost your profits.

Step 3: Reap the Rewards

Enjoy peace of mind with a steady stream of customers and a growing business.

What Others Have to Say.

Gary and his team at Fine Life Marketing are a dream come true for us. They are easy to work with and they bring in the business.


Ed H.

CartsPlus, Lexington, SC

Gary is a trusted professional in the world of confusing and costly ads. When my clients need a Google Ads expert, he’s there to help them through the process. They don’t have to figure anything out. They contact Gary and he saves them time, frustration, and money – plus he gets them results! Gary is the best, don’t hesitate to work with him!


Bethany S.

Seymour Digital, Winston Salem, NC

Gary is a true Southern Gentlemen, one of the last. It’s been a pleasure to work with him for the past 14 years. He has made a tremendous difference in our business.


Kathy K.

Elder Care, Lexington, SC

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